Ball Bearings-Popular Deep Groove Ball Bearings-F67 / F68 / F69 FLANGED Thin-Section Ball Bearings, AISI52100 chrome steel, METRIC sizes

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F67 / F68 / F69
FLANGED Thin-Section Ball Bearings,
AISI52100 chrome steel, METRIC sizes


CLI flanged thin section bearings have a solid steel flange on the outer ring. This allows the bearing to be more easily located in a housing. The flange can also help to prevent axial movement of a bearing subjected to a thrust load or high vibration. Flanged bearings are sometimes used where the housing is likely to expand more than the bearing outer ring at higher temperatures, leading to a looser housing fit. Flanged thin section bearings are used in applications where space is at a premium or weight reduction is required. Thin section bearings have low rotational torque and high rotational accuracy. CLI flanged thin section bearings are also available in stainless steel. 

Chrome steel is the standard material for ball bearings thanks to its high load capacity and low noise properties. Chrome steel thin section bearings, with a steel retainer and a suitable lubricant, can be used at temperatures of 120°C constant or up to 150°C intermittent. Above these temperatures, the load capacity of chrome steel is reduced and the steel undergoes greater dimensional changes.

Most of our chrome steel flanged thin section bearings can be supplied with metal shields, rubber contact seals or low friction non-contact rubber seals. Open bearings are supplied with a light oil lubrication. Shielded or sealed bearings are usually supplied with grease lubrication but shielded bearings can be relubricated with instrument oil for low speed, low friction applications. 

A one-piece crown cage is more common for the smallest and the thinnest section bearings due to space constraints. All F6700 series bearings use a crown cage. Many F6800 and F6900 series bearings have a two piece ribbon cage. 

Attention should be paid to shaft and housing roundness. The inner and outer rings of these flanged bearings are very thin and easily distorted. Poor shaft or housing roundness will greatly increase bearing noise. Choosing the correct radial play for an application is even more important with thin section bearings. The internal clearance (radial play) of a thin section bearing can be reduced by as much as 80% of the interference fit.

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F67 / F68 / F69
FLANGED Thin-Section Ball Bearings for
shaft sizes from
10 mm to 30 mm

(mm) (Mm) (mm) NO. (mm) NO. (mm) NO.
10 15 3 F6700 Details 4 F6700ZZ Details 4 F6700-2RS Details
19 5 F6800 Details 5 F6800ZZ Details 5 F6800-2RS Details
19       7 F6800ZZW7 Details 7 F6800-2RSW7 Details
22 6 F6900 Details 6 F6900ZZ Details 6 F6900-2RS Details
12 18 4 F6701 Details 4 F6701ZZ Details 4 F6701-2RS Details
21 5 F6801 Details 5 F6801ZZ Details 5 F6801-2RS Details
21       7 F6801ZZW7 Details 7 F6801-2RSW7 Details
24 6 F6901 Details 6 F6901ZZ Details 6 F6901-2RS Details
15 21 4 F6702 Details 4 F6702ZZ Details 4 F6702-2RS Details
24 5 F6802 Details 5 F6802ZZ Details 5 F6802-2RS Details
24       7 F6802ZZW7 Details 7 F6802-2RSW7 Details
28 7 F6902 Details 7 F6902ZZ Details 7 F6902-2RS Details
17 23 4 F6703 Details 4 F6703ZZ Details 4 F6703-2RS Details
26 5 F6803 Details 5 F6803ZZ Details 5 F6803-2RS Details
26       7 F6803ZZW7 Details 7 F6803-2RSW7 Details
30 7 F6903 Details 7 F6903ZZ Details 7 F6903-2RS Details
20 27 4 F6704 Details 4 F6704ZZ Details 4 F6704-2RS Details
32 7 F6804 Details 7 F6804ZZ Details 7 F6804-2RS Details
32 10 F6804W10 Details 10 F6804ZZW10 Details 10 F6804-2RSW10 Details
37 9 F6904 Details 9 F6904ZZ Details 9 F6904-2RS Details
25 32 4 F6705 Details       4 F6705-2RS Details
37 7 F6805 Details 7 F6805ZZ Details 7 F6805-2RS Details
42 9 F6905 Details 9 F6905ZZ Details 9 F6905-2RS Details
30 37 4 F6706 Details       4 F6706-2RS Details
42 7 F6806 Details 7 F6806ZZ Details 7 F6806-2RS Details
47 9 F6906 Details 9 F6906ZZ Details 9 F6906-2RS Details