Both in OEM markets and in aftermarkets, CLI BEARINGS has widely used in the fields of aerospace, automotive, cement plant, wind energy, rail, machine tools, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, mines and quarries, vacuum pumps, steel industry, etc.

Skateboard Bearings & Sliding Plate Bearings
Original skateboard bearings 3 nw
Precision Bearings for Bicycles
Original bicycle bearings 3 nw
Fishing Reel Bearings
Original fishing reel bearings 3 nw
Bearings for Dentist Tools & Dental Devices
Original dentist tool bearings 3 nw
High Speed Power Tool Bearings
Original power tool bearings 3 nw
Roller Skater Bearings
Original roller skater bearings 3 nw
Drone Bearings & Model Bearings
Original drone bearings model bearings 3 nw
Robot Arm Bearings
Original robot arm bearings 2 nw
Clock Bearings
Original clock bearing 2 nw
Automotive Gearbox Bearings
Original gearbox bearings 3 nw
Food Grade Bearings & Beverage Machine Bearings
Original food grade bearings beverage machine bearings nw
Non-conductive Bearings & Non-magnetic Bearings
Original non magnetic and non conductive bearings nw
High Temperature Bearings
Original high temperature bearings nw
Instrument Bearings & Electronic Device Bearings
Original instrument bearings nw
Bearings for Vacuum & Clean Environments
Original vacuum application bearings nw