Ball Bearings-EMQ Bearings (Quiet Running Bearings)-EMQ Bearings & Low Noise Quiet Running Bearings, P6 Class, SINGLE row, AISI52100 chrome steel, METRIC sizes

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EMQ Bearings & Low Noise Quiet Running Bearings,
P6 Class, SINGLE row, AISI52100 chrome steel,
METRIC sizes


CLI's EMQ bearings (low noise electric motor grade ball bearings) are individually tested for very low noise or low vibration applications. Various radial play groups can be supplied but the most commonly stocked are CN (standard) radial play and C3 (looser) radial play. 

These EMQ radial ball bearings are designed primarily for radial loads but will also withstand thrust or axial loads in both directions. They have a thrust load capacity of 25% to 50% of the bearing’s static radial load rating depending on the bearing series (6000, 6200 or 6300). These popular metric low noise ball bearings are manufactured from AISI-52100 (GCr15) chrome steel. For lower speed applications that are not noise or vibration sensitive, we recommend using standard popular metric bearings.

Chrome steel popular metric bearings, with a steel retainer and a suitable lubricant, can be used at temperatures of 120°C constant or up to 150°C intermittent. Above these temperatures, the load capacity of chrome steel is reduced. These bearings are not suitable for use in corrosive environments as the steel is not corrosion resistant. The standard cage or retainer is a two-piece steel ribbon type.

CLI's EMQ bearings are usually supplied with grease lubrication but shielded bearings can be lubricated with oil for low speed, low friction applications. 

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EMQ Bearings & Low Noise Quiet Running Bearings for
shaft sizes from
10 mm to 30 mm

(mm) (Mm) (mm) NO. (mm) NO. (mm) NO.
10 26 8 6000ZZP6EMQ Details 6000ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6000-2RSP6EMQ Details 6000-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
30 9 6200ZZP6EMQ Details 6200ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6200-2RSP6EMQ Details 6200-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
35 11 6300ZZP6EMQ Details 6300ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6300-2RSP6EMQ Details 6300-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
12 28 8 6001ZZP6EMQ Details 6001ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6001-2RSP6EMQ Details 6001-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
32 10 6201ZZP6EMQ Details 6201ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6201-2RSP6EMQ Details 6201-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
37 12 6301ZZP6EMQ Details 6301ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6301-2RSP6EMQ Details 6301-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
15 32 9 6002ZZP6EMQ Details 6002ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6002-2RSP6EMQ Details 6002-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
35 11 6202ZZP6EMQ Details 6202ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6202-2RSP6EMQ Details 6202-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
42 13 6302ZZP6EMQ Details 6302ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6302-2RSP6EMQ Details 6302-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
17 35 10 6003ZZP6EMQ Details 6003ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6003-2RSP6EMQ Details 6003-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
40 12 6203ZZP6EMQ Details 6203ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6203-2RSP6EMQ Details 6203-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
47 14 6303ZZP6EMQ Details 6303ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6303-2RSP6EMQ Details 6303-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
20 42 12 6004ZZP6EMQ Details 6004ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6004-2RSP6EMQ Details 6004-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
47 14 6204ZZP6EMQ Details 6204ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6204-2RSP6EMQ Details 6204-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
52 15 6304ZZP6EMQ Details 6304ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6304-2RSP6EMQ Details 6304-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
25 47 12 6005ZZP6EMQ Details 6005ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6005-2RSP6EMQ Details 6005-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
52 15 6205ZZP6EMQ Details 6205ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6205-2RSP6EMQ Details 6205-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
62 17 6305ZZP6EMQ Details 6305ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6305-2RSP6EMQ Details 6305-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
30 55 13 6006ZZP6EMQ Details 6006ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6006-2RSP6EMQ Details 6006-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
62 16 6206ZZP6EMQ Details 6206ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6206-2RSP6EMQ Details 6206-2RSP6C3EMQ Details
72 19 6306ZZP6EMQ Details 6306ZZP6C3EMQ Details 6306-2RSP6EMQ Details 6306-2RSP6C3EMQ Details