Sliding Bearings | Self Lubricated Dry Bearings-PTFE-coated Dry Bearings, Washers & Plates-CLI-1T series GEAR PUMP Dry Bush & Dry Bearing, Fibre & PTFE-coated bushing with STEEL backing, Self Lubricated, ROHS compliant

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 CLI-1T series
GEAR PUMP Dry Bush & Dry Bearing,
Fibre & PTFE-coated bushing with STEEL backing,
Self Lubricated, ROHS compliant

Bring you with hydraulic gear pump bushings, CLI provides self-lubricating composite bushing products and services with gear pumps and motors belonging to its wide product range of OEM operating in industry. 

• CLI-1T parts are composed of a specially designed surface layer of PTFE formulations and are specially applied to the high PV bushings of gear pump.
• It is to be used in hydrodynamic or boundary lubricating condition of medium or high pressure gear pumps or Valve Parts ;
• CLI-1T is also known as SF-1T.


• Metallographic Micrographs     • Technical Data

Layer 1:  PTFE with special fibers, thickness 0.01 to 0.03 mm
Layer 2:  Sintered bronze powder, thickness 0.20 to 0.35 mm
Layer 3:  Low carbon steel backing, thickness  0.70 to 2.30 mm
Layer 4:  Copper or Tin coating, thickness 0.008 mm
♦ The actual thickness of metallographic structure as the negotiation   
 Max.Load  Static  250 N/mm2
 Dynamic  140 N/mm2
 Oscillating  60 N/mm2
 PV limit  Dry  1.0 N/mm2.m/s
 Oil  10 N/mm2.m/s
 Operating Temperature  -200°C~+280°C
 Friction Coeff.  0.02~0.25μ
 Speed limit  Dry  2.5 m/s
 Oil  5.0 m/s
 Hardness  >  220HB
 Coeff. Of linear expansion  11x10-6/K


1. Low friction and working stable under oil conditions ;
2. Perfect wear resistant, and also good shock resistance ;
3. In hydradynamic lubrication, Maxium PV reaches to 120N/mm2 • m/s;
4. Widely used in gear pumps, plungers and vane pumps, special in midium or high pressure grear pumps . 



External gear pumps and motors assembled with hydraulic gear pump bushings are widely used in many sectors, such as construction, agriculture, automotive and material and chemical handling equipment.

Built with few components, these reliable, lightweight and robust pumps offer excellent performance in volumetric efficiency. When mounted with low-friction gear pump bushing bearings, they can provide fixed flow efficiencies of more than 95% for hydraulic systems.


* Most of the gear pump bearings are made-to-order for worldwide customers.  
CLI would like to manufacture those parts according to customers' drawing, samples, and special requirements. 
Please contact us by email or direct call-in.
We will do our best to support and give our best solutions accordingly.